How to Get iPad View BGMI Android?

Are you an Android user who wants to enjoy the iPad view while playing BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)? You’re in luck! In this article, we will guide you through the steps to get the iPad view on your Android device and enhance your gaming experience. With the right tools and settings, you can immerse yourself in the larger screen experience and make the most out of BGMI. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the iPad View in BGMI

The iPad view in BGMI refers to a larger screen display that enhances
visibility and provides a broader field of view compared to regular smartphone
screens. It allows players to have a better view of the game environment,
making it easier to spot enemies, navigate the terrain, and strategize during
intense battles.

What is the iPad View on BGMI?

The iPad view on BGMI is an exclusive display mode designed specifically for iPad devices. It provides a wider field of view, allowing players to see more on their screen. This gives iPad users an advantage over phone users in spotting enemies sooner.

When enabled on Android devices, the iPad view stretches and zooms the display to mimic an iPad’s screen. This makes everything on your phone screen bigger, including buttons, maps and characters.

Advantages of iPad View

  1. Wider field of view
  2. Improved graphics and details
  3. Better spotting of enemies
  4. Enhanced gaming experience

Disadvantages of iPad View

  1. Can lead to lags on some devices
  2. May need adjustment in controls
  3. Buttons and icons appear too big

Step-by-Step Guide to Get iPad View BGMI Android

Follow these steps to achieve the iPad view while playing BGMI on your Android

  1. First of All Download BGM GFx Tool From Below Download Link or From
  2. After Downloading the Open BGM GFx Tool and Give Storage Permission
  3. after that select Your Game version
  4. Then Select iPad View 
  5. Then Click on Activate Button.
  6. Congrats You have Successfully Applied Ipad View in BGMi Android Device


The iPad view drastically improves the gaming experience on BGMI mobile by offering a wider field of view. With a few simple steps, Android users can enable this view and gain advantage in spotting and aiming enemies.

Just make sure your device meets the minimum requirements for it to function properly. Adjust controls and graphics as needed to maximize your experience after enabling iPad view. Enjoy the immersive battle royale!

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