Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Get Custom Crosshair In BGMi?

 Do you want to Get a Custom Crosshair in BGMI? If So You Have Come
To the Right Place. Today in this article I will give you step-by-step guides
on how to get custom crosshairs in bgmi.

Benefits of using a custom crosshair in BGMi

Customizing your crosshair in BGMi offers several advantages. Firstly, it
allows you to tailor the crosshair according to your visual preferences,
making it easier to track and aim at targets. Secondly, a customized crosshair
can enhance your visibility in different environments, ensuring you never lose
sight of your opponents. Lastly, using a custom crosshair can boost your
confidence and overall performance in the game, leading to better results and
more satisfying gameplay sessions.

How to Get Custom Crosshair?

To Get Custom Crosshair Follow Below Step By Step

  1. First of All Download BGM GFx Tool From PlayStore
  2. Open BGM GFx Tool and give the necessary Permission
  3. After That Select you game Version 
  4. Then Scroll Download And Enable Crosshair
  5. Done You have successfully got Custom Crosshair
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